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Just back from Paris for the Incognito users meeting – I already knew Incognito was a fantastic brace and the most aesthetic you can get – completely invisible as it is hidden on the inside surfaces of the teeth. But it seems it keeps getting better as 3M push more into its research and development.

Mixing work and pleasure this was a great excuse to get to Paris…my top European city…I jumped the Eurostar from St Pancras and was amazed at how stress free the journey was…I was soon in my hotel in the Latin Quarter and venturing out for dinner and a glass of rose with the locals…. My French is not as good as I want it to be; thankfully the lectures were in English so I did learn something….

Speaking of which it’s mind boggling keeping up with all the new “teeth straightening appliances” that are emerging out there. Incognito has been around a long time and the results are proven….Six month smiles seems to be creating a massive buzz at the moment, the glossy adverts are pretty compelling aren’t they? And it’s pretty expensive too for a quick fix….as I said it’s mind boggling.

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Covid 19

As you will know, the Prime Minister has confirmed that public restrictions have been significantly eased on 19th July.
Under the Government’s guidance “Health and care settings will continue to maintain appropriate infection prevention and control processes as necessary and this will be continually reviewed. Guidance will be updated based on the latest clinical evidence this summer.

With this in mind, we are asking all patients/visitors/chaperones to the Practice to adhere to the following:

  • If you need to come into the surgery for an appointment, please remember that social distancing remains in place in the dental practice and to wear a face covering upon entering the building.
  • The use of the  intercom system will remain in use for the foreseeable future

Every dental practice is working extremely hard to provide care to our patients within the restrictions and guidance to ensure it’s safe to visit the dentist.

We hope that this helps clarify why these measures are in place for every NHS dental practice.