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After all the excitement and gluttony of Christmas life is back to normal, we are perhaps a little rounder and poorer, some of us detoxing, joining the gym again, making resolutions and finding January generally rather gloomy. Almost wishing it away for the first signs of spring. For those of you who read regularly you will be aware that I enjoy the odd coffee here and there…so I have decided to give it up, to test my will and any apparent health benefits.

In brief (this blog is not merely for coffee chat): headaches first week- unbearable, throbbing, subsided but now, clarity, freed of those uncontrollable caffeine cravings. Bellini do a great de-caff which goes well with a croissant, sorted.
So what are your resolutions? Get your teeth straightened this year? It’s amazing how quickly noticeable results are achieved….when treatment is done by experts……

Here’s a picture that I took of a Dental Clinic in Peru – on my wanders I somehow found myself on what appeared to be the Peruvian equivalent of Harley Street, however on closer inspection there were no plaques displaying any qualifications outside…..and then it dawned on me they were all fakes!
Don’t get your brackets here…..! Peru Ortho

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