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Hey I’m enjoying this, no braces my retainers look great, and yes I’m wearing them full time. Being a coffee fiend it’s sometimes annoying having to whip them out for hot drinks, I’m in Bellinis today and I have put them in my little tub for safe keeping while I enjoy my cappuccino.
I recently spent time in Italy walking in the lakes, Bellini doesn’t get much more authentic I can just imagine I’m back on my holidays…. I also love being greeted with “ Ciao Bella!” by the cheeky owner.

I’m thinking of getting my teeth bleached next and they also need some minor cosmetic adjustments on the incisal edges (previous grinding habit and a bit of old age has worn them irregularly,) just to get things topped off to perfection.
By the way…if you’re wearing retainers make sure you keep them in your little tub, they are expensive to replace; I would like to share with you the two commonest reasons for replacing retainers:
Dogs eating them (I kid you not)

Putting them in a tissue on the table when eating and someone else, albeit with good intentions, sweeping them in the bin, never to retrieved

I am reliably told that dogs’ can whiff them out at 50 yards – if anyone has an advance on that then I would be interested to know.
This liberation has removed my dietary restrictions, I was always a foodie, one or two chocolate eggs were eaten at easter with impunity….not that I am encouraging anyone

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