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My lower incisors are now absolutely perfectly straight -and I am delighted. My friends are starting to comment – they can’t believe it’s been that quick for this huge difference!
My smile is wider and I am starting to feel proud…I even put pink elastics on last time for extra summer holiday glamour! Despite this huge change the work is far from done.and actually I am not ready to have them off yet anyway; in fact I have forgotten they are there.
Apart from when it comes to my daily cleaning routine that is…
It is important to keep braces clean as they can cause irreversible staining on the enamel – a brown – orangey colour. Imagine the disappointment if you had braces on for the best part of a year and a half and then on the big day when they finally come off you realise your real teeth are covered in murky brown patches? Yes we would all be truly gutted so here are the rules:

1. Brush twice a day – properly (!)
2. Fluoride mouthwash separate time of day to brushing
3. Inter-dental brushes to clean under the wire once a day – we recommend TePe brushes
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