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Ping! I now have to wear elastics which attach to the brace at the back on the top and run to the lower anterior region, they will improve my bite. I keep forgetting to put them back in after eating and they are lying discarded all over the house. My friends think it’s hilarious, I even played them a little tune..

I can now put them in without looking in the mirror and once they’re in I forget they are there, except when I try to eat and my food gets stuck! You’re meant to take them out for that.

So I’m enjoying seeing the incremental improvement of my teeth day by day, and still finding my brace quite amenable. I’ve had no breakages and so it’s all going according to plan. I have even convinced others to take the plunge..its’ really not that arduous on the road to perfect teeth!

Off to London tomorrow for the British Lingual Orthodontic Society meeting..I’ll keep you posted on any new developments in the lingual field.

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