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About Our Practice

The school visits programme undertaken by Belmont Orthodontic Centre commenced in response to a request from primary schools for professional tuition of their pupils to improve diet and oral hygiene. Many also teach modules on ‘teeth’ to which this adds an extra perspective. The NHS also encourages improved education of patients to reduce the anxiety they feel regarding dental and Orthodontic treatment. Belmont Orthodontic Centre prides itself on its caring atmosphere and as a result is asked to treat many of the most nervous patients. Some of these patients have had a difficult experience at a dental surgery. Many however are scared of the unknown because they have had no previous dental treatment or have been told malicious stories by other pupils (particularly in the first 2 years of secondary school). We therefore also communicate in the visits that at Belmont Orthodontic Centre there are no needles and we do not take out teeth. We explain what happens at the first visit and all about the procedure if you need a brace. That way you are no longer scared of the unknown and are ready to ignore any malicious stories you may be told.

We enjoy doing these talks and try to make them fun for the pupils. We ask all pupils to fill in a questionnaire before and after the presentation, to check if they understand the content and if it has reduced their anxiety about a visit to the orthodontist.

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