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This time in Manchester – equally glamorous as Paris I’m sure you will agree. So far, so much fun, I am having breakfast over the river and the sun is trying to emerge casting autumnal shadows on the metropolitan skyline. I love this time of year as summer draws to a close and the crisp bright days signal the beginning of winter

Yesterday we were in stitches listening to an extremely witty American from the deep south lecture on smile aesthetics – a concept we as orthodontists scrutinise intensely while planning treatment. Every one of our patients has a smile that varies significantly and is affected by many factors including lip length and mobility, smile width is also important and the amount of premolar shown on smiling. Tooth width to height ratio and the proportions of the teeth relative to each other can make a huge impact…He mentioned Leonardo da Vinci and other renowned artists…stretching the talent a bit but what he was getting at was building a smile is quite an art.
So the message is here we don’t just straighten teeth – we look at the overall aesthetics and balance of the face and how these are correlated to give you the best result. Easy when you know how!

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