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As an orthodontist I spend every day creating perfect smiles and very happy patients. But I must admit that my teeth aren’t perfect and so I’m hardly an ambassador for my profession. I wasn’t lucky enough to have a fixed brace when I was at school and so it’s been nagging away at me for years that I should get them straightened. Recent holiday photos of me with my front teeth overlapping where the final nudge; I was definitely getting them sorted.

But who would want to treat an orthodontist? Contrary to much opinion I can’t do them myself, and getting my teeth straight will be a challenge. Dr Barton has over 15 years’ experience and uses the very latest appliances and techniques so I knew I was in safe hands. No more excuses, I was getting a brace?.at my age!

The bad news was that for the type of tooth movement required I needed a fixed type brace, but on the plus 3M recently launched their most aesthetic bracket to date – the ‘Clarity © Advanced’. So I agree to give them a road test?

They are small and translucent to blend with the natural tooth colour, and will resist staining and discolouration over the course of treatment. (My coffee habit will certainly put that to the test?.) For maximum aesthetics we also used an advanced white coloured ‘Woowa’ wire from Orthocare that we are currently trialling.

Many white coloured wires on the market are not successful as they lose their white coating to reveal the metal underneath after a few weeks; so if this one works we will soon be offering it at Belmont Orthodontic Centre.

Fitting the brace took almost an hour but was strangely relaxing; I then felt pure relief that after years of contemplating I had finally done it!I’ve fitted hundreds of braces for other people so why was I surprised that it felt so strange? But so far so good ‘ I smile later that evening and no one notices my new accessory, in fact I think you’ll agree they are barely visible. Top marks for aesthetics for the Clarity Advanced!I can honestly say I am now getting a good dose of my own medicine. Keep reading to see how it goes?
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