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I have to say Shrewsbury is looking especially beautiful at the moment, adorned in bunting, the flowers in Quarry park have blossomed and we’re all excited about the long weekend?. I’ve been doing my bit putting blue, red and white colours onto braces ‘ a patriotic grin should bring cheer to any celebration!
The ‘Woowa’ wire began to fade after five weeks there were a few patchy areas where metal began to show. So I was glad to be moving on to a fresh upper wire from DB Orthodontics ‘ it is only slightly thicker but very flexible as there were some minor rotations still present on my molars. This has been the most painful bit so far- a day or so after picking up my upper left back molar I was wincing! Again, the pain was only on biting so it was back to a soft diet, but still no pain killers for me (because I’m a tough cookie).
Due to the crowding in the lower arch we had to create more space with a spring to push the teeth apart, and also by stripping some enamel from in between the teeth (about 0.3mm per surface). This is completely safe when done correctly and it doesn’t hurt. Patients occasionally experience sensitivity, but this is rare.

Embarrassingly this picture also demonstrates the staining on my lower incisors! I think it’s the green tea so I’m cutting back?I’ll talk about keeping it clean next time..

Enjoy the Jubilee!!

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