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Patience! That’s all I can say.. I stated confidently at the end of last year that my braces would be off in February. It’s February already and I still have them!

We encountered a small unexpected problem, essentially due to the shape of one of my premolars, which necessitated an extra adjustment in order to gain the perfection that I want (not that I am being demanding or anything.). So this was done end of last year and has put me back a few months, we have been so busy at Belmont that we keep forgetting to do my adjustments.

We had our CQC inspection in December to prepare for, I can proudly say that our report rated excellent thanks to all our hard working staff.

Anyway, I’ve had my braces for 10 months I’m hardly going to whip them off now if things aren’t quite finished. Occasionally these things happen, so if you’re brace is due to come off, my advice is, 9 times out of 10 it will come off, but just occasionally we may need to refine things once more. patience is a virtue!!!

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